800 Free Number Service

Service Description

This service from STC provides enterprises and companies with a toll free phone starting with 800 (e.g. 800 1234), which the customers of the enterprise business can call free of charge from any place in the Kingdom.

Service Benefits

Cost Effective

Free phone 800 allows the customer to support both pre- and post-sales activities of an enterprise at minimal cost.

Increase Sales

Free phone 800 offers an exceptional tool to describe the company's products and services and to sell them by attracting customers to call the company free of charge.

Extend Reach

Free phone 800 provides businesses with a powerful market reach tool that supports the selling of services and products.

Service Details

Origin Dependent Routing

Allows service subscribers to limit phone calls in a definite zone according to a predefined design.

Call Distribution

Allows the distribution of the course of the incoming calls in one place or more based on the prior automatic choice of distribution:

  • Transfer by percentage
  • Transfer by sequence

Call Forward

Allows the specification of an alternate destination number (e.g. voicemail, main branch) when a busy condition is encountered or when the called party does not answer.

Time Dependent Routing

Allows the setting of a routing and calling treatment of incoming calls according to the time of day, the day of the week, the day of the year, national holidays or special occasions.

Originating User Prompt

Allows providing an announcement that will request the caller to enter a digit or a series of digits as part of the safe redirection and transfer of phone calls to the location of reception defined earlier.

Call Queuing

Allows the service subscribers to queue a call whenever all access lines at a destination are busy, enabling the customer to receive more phone calls and the caller to listen to a voice message announcing that they have to wait until the line is available.

Call Limiter

Allows specifying the maximum number of simultaneous calls that can be routed to a destination number

Call Logging

Different types of measurements provided by the service and service subscriber reports such as a statement of all incoming and outgoing phone calls without the need of spending money on equipment that serves the same purpose. Upon analyzing such data, the customer will consider the best way to invest and enhance them.

Orginating Call Screening

Allows the service subscriber to block or allow calls based on the location's code of the phone (landline or mobile).

Emergency Routing Plan

Allows specifying a routing plan to be kept in reserve for special events and emergencies which can be activated at any moment through STC. This ensures that the person can be reached in case of any emergency.

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