Voice Mail

Service Description

This service allows the subscriber to use the automatic answering service (voice mail) to enable the calling party to leave a message to the called party if he/she is absent or his/her line is busy.

Service Benefits

  • No loss of any incoming call to the subscriber.
  • The subscriber can access his voice mail whether he is in or outside the Kingdom.
  • The subscriber shall be reminded for the messages available in his voice mail.
  • All messages can be sent specified with time, date and priority.

Service Fee:

  • No Installation Fees.
  • No Subscription Fees.
  • Call cost for listening to the recorded messages in voice mail will charged from the land line as local call and from the mobile as mobile call to land line.

Service Details

Service Provision Method and Service programming method:

The subscriber must have call transfer feature and if he doesn't have it he can request it through dialing (900) - customer care center. Dial (16000000) and configure the Voice mail. The system will instruct you on how to configure it.

Then transfer your incoming calls to your voice mail by choosing from the following three options :

Transfer when no reply:

(*61*1111#) To cancel transfer(#61#).

Transfer when busy:

(*67*1111#) To cancel transfer(#67#).

Direct transfer:

(*21*1111#) To cancel transfer (#21#)

you can use both options (when no reply and when busy) together by entering the two options consecutively.

How can you listen to the messages:

You will hear a distinctive tone (message waiting indicator) on your phone whenever a message is received to listen to the received messages dial (16000000)from your telephone or dial(16010000)from any other fixed line phone or mobile or international.For more information and service requests:

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