Al-Hatif Business Service

Service Description

This service from STC provides businesses with the required basic landline voice services.

Service Benefits

Cost Effective

Al-Hatif Business offers you a discounted tariff as well as free minutes to call locally, internationally or to mobiles. Additionally, enterprises are awarded free and discounted calls to STC mobile users that belong to the enterprise.

High Flexibility

Al-Hatif Business allows you to pick and choose whichever package suits your business, as well as different packages among corporate/enterprise employees.

Service Details

About STC Al-Hatif

STC considers Al-Hatif the backbone of the enterprise communications for continuous contact with their customers. It is also the easiest and most used form of international communication when you are calling your business contact. STC is therefore keen on improving its fixed line services with new technology, better service, and an expanded network.

Al-Hatif Business Requirements

Al-Hatif bundle is applied only on direct landlines. The customer has to update and unify the Corporate Records (CR) for all of the corporate's phones, mobiles and landlines, prior to adding the service to take advantage of STC's offers. However, in case the customer did not update and unify, the customer will bear the responsibilities of all costs attached. Al-Hatif Business offers do not include other operators nor do they include phones that do not belong to the company.

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