Managed Services

Managed Router Service MRS

Service Description

This service from STC provides a continuous router monitoring, operating, maintenance, trouble-shooting and performance reports for IPVPN customers.

Service Benefits

Free Offers

MRS ensures a high level of performance by being an SLA driven service to make sure all your deliverables exceed expectations.

High Availability

MRS is available anywhere in the Kingdom provided there is an IPVPN connection.

Cost Effective

MRS reduces the overall costs related to the business network by remotely managing your routers and reducing the required resources.

High Flexibility

MRS provides you with the flexibility needed by offering business the option to choose the number of sites to be managed.

Increase Productivity

MRS allows the customer to focus and concentrate on the company's core business which reduces the need for dealing with telecom issues.

Integration and Upgrade

STC provides support in the design, upgrade and migration of the business legacy network.

Service Details

MRS is used as a value-added service for IPVPN.

In case the customer has their own Cisco router, MRS can be delivered through it. Notwithstanding, STC will charge the customer for the monitoring, management, maintenance and warranty of the hardware via a "support contract" to ensure that the exceptional service is delivered.

A telephone line is needed, with whatever network connection the customer has. This line ensures the delivery of the highest connectivity when the circuit is down.

What We DO?

MRS offers the best quality; therefore, our professional expertise is dedicated to supplying the router, installing the service, monitoring the MRS's performance and providing continuous management to ensure an end-to-end high-level service quality.

Furthermore, an MRS proposal tailored to your requirement should be signed before it is provided. The need of a proposal is to achieve the full value for the customer through STC, MRS and other managed services.

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