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Vigor3900 Saudi Arabia

VPN gateway is an enterprise-level VPN concentrator providing security

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Products Description

The Vigor3900 Central site VPN gateway is an enterprise-level VPN concentrator providing security and cost savings benefits for business through flexible, reliable, and high-performance LAN-to-LAN and remote-access solutions in Saudi Arabia.

VPN Tunnels Saudi Arabia

Vigor3900 not only offers hundreds of VPN tunnels in Saudi Arabia compatible with multiple VPN protocols, such as PPTP/L2TP/IPsec/L2TP over IPSec to satisfy LAN-to-LAN and remote secure communication needs, but also provide SSL VPN* connectivity to better facilitate remote users to access corporate database. With Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN and active fiber interfaces, Vigor3900 offers unprecedented data transmission speed for mission-critical applications and do load-balancing for WAN and VPN failover to enhance performance, redundancy and reliability of business operation in Saudi Arabia.

With F/W 1.0.7, the embedded Central VPN Management (CVM) will let network administrator register up to 16 remote routers and also run concurrent remote management over 16 remote routers. In short, Vigor3900 gives a highly secure but flexible network for the multi-site business operation and retain corporate HQ's ultimate control of the system.

Vigor3900 with four Gigabit Ethernet-ports and one SFP active fiber port as WAN interfaces allows corporation to subscribe internet connection service from up-to five different ISPs. These five WAN interfaces can do load-balancing to facilitate bandwidth usage in the connection uptime and failover backup during downtime to prevent temporary service outage from subscribed ISP(s). In addition, Vigor3900 with two Gigabit Ethernet-ports and one SFP active fiber port as LAN interfaces facilitates large data and business applications exchange to reach corporate intranet client ends. The Vigor3900 also supports Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) to calculate the route metric (Up-to Version 2).


  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN and Active Fiber interfaces with load-balancing
  • Support Inbound Load Balance (base on DNS Authoritative)
  • High Availability and failover
  • Support PPPoE quota setting and MAC address filter
  • 500 simultaneous VPN connections and VPN Trunk failover
  • Robust Firewall and Bandwidth Management
  • Central Management for VPN / Firmware / Device Maintenance
  • SMS, Email Alert and Notification object profiles for WAN/VPN connection
  • USB port supports 3G backup/load balance and USB temperature sensor
  • Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer (Up to 500 nodes)
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