Connectivity & productivity with Jawal Business Network

Jawal Business Network service

STC Business now offers its customers 20, 40, 80, 200 & 400 packages that include free voice minutes, SMSs and data. What's more, customers can now also benefit from the all-new 1000 Package that offers very attractive features in addition to exclusive discounts of up to 100% on smart phones.

Jawal Business Network benefits

  • Unlimited calls between employees are possible within the network.
  • Employees can make calls to participants outside the network using free minutes and SMS.
  • Free data within the Business Network 80, 200, 400 and 1000 packages.
  • Competitive prices for extra minutes, data and SMS.
  • Employees can reach each other easily by simply dialing the last 4 digits of a colleague's mobile phone number .

Jawal Business Network Packages

We are committed to helping your enterprise achieve its goals by offering the best deals for our customers.

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