Sky IP

Service Description

This service from STC allows the customer to leverage the coverage of satellites to expand their IPVPN coverage, thus enabling the customer to have IPVPN everywhere regardless of distance.

Service Benefits

High Availability

Sky IP fulfills customers' communication needs connecting to remote areas in particular.

High Reliability

Sky IP offers a high network availability of 99.5%.

Flexibility and Scalability

Sky IP provides seamless integration with STC's MPLS network to provide the IPVPN service. Sky IP also allows flexible bandwidth configuration.

Secuirty & Efficiency

Sky IP provides high efficiency in handling various applications.

Easy and Fast Setup

Sky IP is an easy and fast technology to be established and can be fully deployed within 1-2 days.

Service Details

Sky IP utilizes satellite technology to connect remote locations to the IPVPN network. Furthermore, the connection established enables the terrestrial connected sites to communicate with the remote sites seamlessly.

Sky IP works seamlessly based on the customer's business requirements. It integrates with the STC Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network to provide the IPVPN service.

Sky IP Bandwidth Offering

  • 256Kbps
  • 512Kbps
  • 1,024Kbps
  • 2,048Kbps

Sky IP Service Levels

  • Premium
  • Enhanced
  • Standard
  • Economy

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