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Data Center Services

Service Description

The Data Center provides a variety of special services to host your business data and applications in a safe environment, ensuring availability and helping you further to develop your business.

The STC Data Center is a comprehensive service center - a "One-Stop-Shop" - for all your needs regarding IT infrastructure, from transmission to application, IP hosting, managed solutions, international network connectivity, continuity of the business and disaster recovery. We offer high-quality solutions in order to meet your business needs, help you overcome IT infrastructure challenges and be up-to-date with the current market situation while at the same time help you pursue your business strategies.

The STC Data Center conforms to international rules and regulations and applies only the best practices. The Data Center's main network has been set up using highly advanced network equipment. Moreover, our support team consists of network and security engineers that are highly skilled and assure guaranteed service delivery.

The STC Data Center provides the latest infrastructure that is secure and available around-the-clock (365x7x24) with a dual UPS, dual generator, dual air conditioning system and security video surveillance. Our special operations and support team includes highly professional employees with extensive technical experience, who continuously monitor your private information to prevent unauthorized data access. The design of our centers has been placed at the top of international rankings by other international institutions specialized in this field.

Service Features

Managed hosting and site participation

This service allows customers to host their services and applications while keeping their connection setup secure and available in a highly reliable environment that can be expanded upon the costumer's request.

Data Center connection service and private Internet

The center provides its customers with a variety of secure connection services offering a direct access from the center to its other branches or ISPs.

Backup copy and data recovery

This service provides business costumers with copies, protection and insurance of their highly important data. This service offers additional privacy for files, applications, database and operating systems along with other services that are flexible, expandable, reliable and secure.

Monitoring and management

This service provides the Customer Service with comprehensive and active monitoring services regarding the customer's network infrastructure, applications and computers to ensure continuous operation in line with the expected work performance. This service offers complete monitoring for all equipment and applications in order to upgrade them and keep them up-to-date with the latest versions, making sure that the customer always gets the latest available updates for his applications. The Data Center operates in accordance with international rules and regulations in order to apply widely-used best practices.

Disaster recovery

In case of technical problems, this service provides customers with several alternative backup sites that can overcome local and international disasters by performing the same tasks and keeping their businesses running non-stop. The company's site in Nice, France, provides an international replacement site to guarantee business continuation in case of natural disasters.

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