User friendly GUI

  • Tracking via SMS / GPRS
  • Get Google Map link for current location by SMS request
  • Real-time online tracking in FMS platform via GPRS
  • Update position online via time interval, distance, angle, move ratio and ACC ratio
  • SOS alarm (available to preset 3 SOS number)
  • External power cut alarm and low battery alarm
  • Speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm, shake alarm
  • Stop Vehicle remotely via relay (Stop Engine)
  • Engine On/Off alarm, engine on hours report
  • Position logging capacity up to 30,000+ waypoints if no GPRS signal
  • Take photo automatically at a preset time interval
  • Take photo automatically when SOS or Geo-fence or any other alarm triggered
  • Update door open/close status, available to control open/close vehicle door by SMS or platform
  • Available to set different alarm notification ways, such as via SMS, call or email
  • Synchronous record vehicle mileage
  • Available to send mileage alarm to remind vehicle maintenance
  • stop vehicle or activate buzzer/siren when Geo-fence, speed alarm or any other alarm trigger
  • Support taking photo by extra camera (max 4pcs cameras), 6KB for each photo
  • Support voice monitoring and two way conversation via extra speaker and microphone
  • Support driver identification and students taking school bus management by extra RFID sets
  • I/O: 5 digital inputs, 3 negative and 2 positive triggering; 4 outputs.
  • Analog Input: 4*10bits resolution analog inputs

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