Mobile IP-VPN

Service Description

Mobile Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) enables your company to exchange information and data between all its branches over the GSM network.

It enables the customer to exchange information and data among all its branches via the GSM network.

Service Benefits

High Availability

Mobile IP-VPN is provided throughout the Kingdom. Moreover, mobile IP-VPN has the power of connecting all your company's branches with each other.

Ability To Expand

Mobile IP-VPN has the ability to expand your company by leveraging mobile connectivity.

Cost Effective

Mobile IP-VPN has no setup fees the customer pays only a monthly charge.

Fast And Easy

Mobile IP-VPN offer you speed processing of conferences, exhibitions and seasonal festivals. Furthermore, mobile IP-VPN offers speed and ease of preparation and installation of services.

Service Details

Mobile IP-VPN Requirements

A modem device that supports

  • TCP/IP.
  • RIP Protocol.
  • GPRS.
  • Circuit number that allows the connection with MPLS.

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